May 31, 2011

Montauk Day Week 2, Day 3

After the daily morning fog cleared, we headed to the Liar's Saloon 
where one of the t-shirts sold states "the liver is evil and it must be punished".

This is the view from the out door deck. Hilarious.

May 27, 2011

Montauk Day Week 2, Day 2

We sat at the counter. Again, I devoured my corn beef hash, egg whties and
toast before I could take a photo. But, here are a side of the pancakes.

You can sit and have a nice tasting with a delicious charcuterie plate.

We ended up buying a few bottles.
The house rose and the brut sparkling wine were quite good. 

May 26, 2011

Montauk Day Week 2, Day 1 Dinner

Today was HERB'S DAY. We went fishing with LazyBones
Herb liked the name of the boat.

Herb caught 1 keeper and 2 shorties and  I caught 2 shorties.
Deckhand filleting our catch of the day.
They keep track of caught each fish by marking them with Xs, hash marks etc.

Et Voila, grilled fluke!
The presentation had something left to be desired, but it was delicious.

May 21, 2011

Montauk Dinner Day 4

We went to Aquaculture AKA fish farm to pick up some fish to cook for dinner. The first time I had been there must have been there must have been in 1997/1998. The second time was a few years ago, when I discovered that they not only had fresh fish, but also a little restaurant in the back with picnic benches and a bunch of rhodesian ridgebacks. Its definitely worth a go-see.

May 16, 2011

Montauk Dinner Day 3

They have the same type of paneled ceiling as
we saw at that house in Long Beach!

I regained my appetite for clams.
This time little necks cooked in a beer broth. YUM!

All of this can be yours for a mere $5 Million
Eat there before "the man" ruins it's charm.

Pre-Season at the Surf Lodge Montauk

It was nice to be at the surf lodge before it is overflowing with gaggles of people. You could actually see and appreciate what it looked like and take it all in.

Montauk Dinner Day 2

At the Clam Bar and Robin is very happy to be there. 

Herb eats a spicy crab and sweet corn chowder. Derish-ous.

Someone wasn't turned off by the steamers as Gosman's!

I love clam strips!

On to an after dinner drink at Cyril's.

Me and a super sized Margarita. Ugh!

Montauk Lunch Day 2

They had beauttiul pieces of tuna and swordfish at the market.
The color was amazing.
Sadly, these steamers were undercooked and it turned me off.
So, it may be awhile before I eat them again. 

Eating my way through Montauk Day 1

a yummy lobster roll, french fries and cole slaw that I ate so fast, I forgot to take a picture!

May 3, 2011

Oliver Goddard hearts NY

Oliver models the gift I sent. Love, love love it!

Loving my Apt!

I am so happy to be back home... Everything is as good as new if not better!
The "gypsy pink" accent wall is really making the apt feel fresh and new!

In order to hide the dvd and book clutter under my tv, I bought this vintage credenza. I actually purchased it around the corner. Like I often say... vintage items usually find you.