March 31, 2011

J'adore Paris + I love NY

I love these paris vs. ny images I have been seeing on various blogs for months. I finally found the originating website. Here are some of my faves:

le snack

les chiens

le tip

le m├ętro

March 29, 2011

George Nakashima

My friend Matt recently posted this:

Check out his studio website.

His bio sounds very similar to that of my mother side of the family (however, they were not fortunate enough to travel abroad as much as he did) Both share the locales of Washington State and Idaho in common, as I am sure many Japanese-Americans do who lived in the US between 1900-1950.

The furniture is truly stunning.

March 28, 2011

LOVE these Madewell shoes

...And they are comfortable.

Keens Steakhouse is a hidden Gem.

I find my mind draws a blank when it comes to eating in Herald's Square.
I was introduced to Keens Steakhouse . . . Since 1885 when I was freelancing in that area by co-workers. It is definitely a find!
This reminded me:

March 27, 2011

One of the first signs (literally) of spring!

Here are some other photos to get you psyched for warm weather!
(ALL shot in Long Beach, LI... belive it or not!) 

March 26, 2011

Better late than never... Bali!

I was in Bali in the beginning of September for 2 weeks. It now feels like years ago. ;(
This was the Villa we stayed in with
Surf Haven Bali. 

VERY low tide

The cows in Padang-Padang have lovely sounding cow bells. They are very zen sounding.

Yes, that is a steel barrel on her head.

 Curry veggies were served in the coconut! Yum.
I would have taken more photos of food, but this was my first real meal after a 7 day bout with "Bali Belly" and unfortunately, my last meal before departing.  An american surfer living in Bali gave me some cipro which finally kicked the "virus" out of me.  I later learned that my doctor believes I had ecoli.

Bridge at Padang-Padang 
Everyone has a bike rack on their scooter!

How gorgeous is this?

I couldn't believe it....this guy has a baby on the front of his scooter!
An example of one of the type of boats that took us out for a boat drop at a surf break by the airport.

Chicago Vienna Hot Dogs

I am sorry, but no dog beats a chicago hot dog. I grew up on them. 

I remember my parents taking me to a place called "Flukies". They gave out bubble gum the shape of hot dogs. I think I was 5 or so and it obviously made an ever lasting impression.

As I got older, I started going to Byron's. Their order of fries are MASSIVE! In high school, lots of people went to Weiner Circle, but I remained a fan of Byron's. Still to this day I try to eat from there everytime I am in Chicago. (Notice I never say eat there? The one on Irving Park Rd. is seriously JUST a hot dog stand/store. No seating inside, only out door seating which doesn't match well with Chicago winters)

March 25, 2011

Doggies in Booties

I love this video. No matter how many times I watch it, it makes me smile...
Watch Bones' head pop up after He hears "kitty cat".  Panda may be the star of the video but Bones plays a strong supporting role!

House Hunting in Long Beach, Long Island

Herb started to look at houses to buy at the beginning of the year. 
During our hunt we saw some AMAZING interior or houses.
Check out the drop ceiling of this one house!

There were built in speakers in the ceiling

Wallpaper in one of the bedrooms (and it had a headboard to match) LOVE.  I mean I am a sucker for all things gold.

The Paw House Inn in Rutland VT

We recently went up to Vermont to enjoy the last of the snow winter has to offer.  Herb had always wanted to take Bones to the The Paw House Inn, so we booked a room for Herb's (not Bones') birthday.  It was a great experience and we truly enjoyed ourselves. The Inn was would never even know that dogs stayed there. I would recommend that any dog/ski/snowboard loving person stay there.

When we left to go to the Mountain, the dogs stayed in their own building in a kennel.They were taken to the dog park area to run around and do their business a couple times while we were gone. 

Eva is a model!

I think Eva is undoubtedly the (un) official mascot of J.Crew.

I love Panda Bo Jangles ChewASockey


Portraits of my Dad