May 29, 2012

First week of summer in Montauk

This week was filled with amazing friends, great food and decent surf. 
I couldn't have asked for more!

May 21, 2012

No (indoor) showers until Fall!

Last weekend, Herb designed and built an outdoor shower. He had no plans on paper...just a vision :).
(And I lent a hand with my mad skills with a drill.)


View from the deck. Totally privacy is still questionable.

A shelf for Toiletries.
Hot and cold water...Whoo too!
More shelves.

Chicken Nesting

Do you remember the brass nesting tables that I bought at the tag sale on Long Island?  I had ordered mirrored safety glass from Good Ole Things to spruce them up and make them more unique and a play into the fact that I was unable to get the rust marks off of the brass table frames. I am very happy with the outcome.

May 17, 2012

more design inspiration

Just perusing the blogs I follow today and ran across these images that I found inspiring for the Montauk Kitchen.

Looks familiar doesn't it?
It looks very similar to our kitchen.
Cute 3 tiers of shelves on each side and hand carved scroll work.
A butcher block counter would make a great addition.  
I like the long runner under the counters. and the black wall. 
Again, I am digging the black wall... but this time with the chalkboard paint.
Too bad our walls have ridges in them.
(Because they were once naked wood panelling)
And for the Fireplace...
I like the cactus plants on the floor. Nice touch.
But, probably not practical with a working fireplace.
And for a bedroom...
I've seen this before, but was reminded of
this great idea for the use of my old poloroids.
I have a ton! 

May 15, 2012

What a Deck!

When Herb bought the house, he knew that the deck was going to have to be rebuilt. We just didn't realize we were going to have to work on this this season.


The deck was a multiple weekend project. The first weekend, it began with the demo.

Herb demoed the deck all on his own. (I was certainly impressed)

The second weekend, Herb bought the lumber and had it delivered to his house. But, of course nothing can be easy and it was left in front of the house in the driveway and the deck was being built in back of the house. In order to make things move faster during the weekend of building and to avoid lumber poaching, it had to be moved piece by piece to the back yard.

Herb, Marty, Bones and Panda enjoy a cold one after their day of hauling lumber.

The third weekend, the rebuild began by Herb's friend Billy and his team. 
Herb, Andrea and Ben admire the work.

Our new enormous hammock purchased from One Kings Lane.
Table and benches from my apt in Brooklyn and fab new umbrella. 

Lastly, we measured and bought the stainless cable rail. And last weekend, it was finally installed.

Next season, we will stain the deck. But for now, its finally time to ENJOY!

May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To commemorate my mother this Mother's Day (per her request), we planted not just one, but TWO japanese maple trees in our front yard. Please wish them well...

May 8, 2012

She's on her way

I rode this 7'4' board in the DR and had to have one.
In transit and due in Bklyn at the end of the month.

Nearing "The End"

Work on the house has been coming along...

Last weekend, the kitchen cabinets were finally completed.


AFTER (Bones was very proud.)


The living room is almost done. It is furnished with the following:
– Herb's Man Couch. It is a Lazy Boy. I feel like Chandler and Joey in friends every time I recline.
– Mongolian Fur Pillows from One Kings Lane to help soften up the black "leatha" couch.
– A hand-me-down love seat from Lance
– Chair purchased on eBay, Fabric from Mood and Upholstery by a guy on Graham Ave in Williamsburg.
– Hanging pendant lamp, Nesting Tables and Lamp (still awaiting a shade) from a Long Island Tag Sale
– TV Stand/Credenza courtesy of a craigslist purchase down the street from our apt in Brooklyn.
– Rug is from West Elm


The small bedroom needed some major help. The former owners used it as a home office.
– Ripped up the carpeting to reveal a hard wood floor


– Demoed the built-in black scary wardrobe. It was not only an eye sore, but it was really spooky.

These dressers were Herb's Family's. I mean...they were literally passed from person to person. 
So, being the next person to get my hands on them I updated the knobs on both sets. 

The Master Suite of the house was originally the garage. Not a whole lot of work needed to be done. The bedroom wall color is a strange very light lavender color. I would repaint but do not have the time nor energy. However, the Shamrock Shake colored bathroom annoyed the Grimace out of me.

– Replaced the shutter knobs
– Painted bathroom a lovely white.
– Ripped out the glass shower door and replaced with a good ole shower curtain.



Next week stay tuned to see the deck. And we are still working away to furnish the third bedroom.