June 27, 2012

Art is cheap...deux!

This is an addendum to my earlier post about inexpensive art.  To commemorate Herb and my 3 year anniversary, I found a water colorist on etsy and commissioned her to paint a photo of Bones. When I saw her work, I thought her style was reminiscent of Francesco Clemente (this may have been a stretch). And at the time, I wasn't "allowed" to spend a lot of money but I do believe it was worth the (in)expense. Herb loved it.

Photo sent to artist.

End product.

My Birthday Weekend

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come out to celebrate with me. You ALL made it so special. I had such a great time and thought I would share some of the best of pics by Adrian, Marcus and Selene.

The event began with Ben rescuing Bones "Fireman Style" from a altercation with an innocent black lab.
That is when Bones' evening was cut short. 

Some of you left your cups behind! (I have them... and extras if you want) 

The Boyz


There was a lot of instagramming that evening....

The only shot of the cooking on the beach! Thanks Selene!! Let me know if anyone shot more...

The Gurlz.

"It's like the mafia. Once you're in - your in. There's no getting out" —Kelly Slater

June 21, 2012

Art is cheap

My downtime at the office has been spent helping to find gift idea for the upcoming holiday season. This assignment may cause an anorexic bank account. I have found some unique and inexpensive art pieces.
A search on ebay brought me to purchase these engraved prints. Here was the listing:
Genuine 140 year old wood engraved prints of noted places in The Hamptons. Included are Montauk Point .......Shelter Island..........East Hampton from the Church Belfry and Grist Mills, East Hampton. and Sag Harbor>>>>These frame  nicely in  std 11x14 frames. Mint Condition. 

This originally caught my eye on Design Sponge which brought me to Mammoth and Company.
As I searched around I found this which made me giggle so, I bought both!
Found on Etsy. Hurricane Wave print Ocean Beach Surf

June 20, 2012

South Edison

I can't say it enough times.... I love the food at South Edison in Montauk. For me, a trip to Montauk is not complete without a meal here. Whether it is for the amazing $1 oyster Happy Hour (call before you go to make sure it is not just a Saturday occurrence) or Dinner (Menu changes daily), I have yet to be disappointed.

$1 Oyster Happy Hour 

Marian (my mom) contemplates the menu with a one of their signature
bloody marys with the jonah's crab claw garnish.

Here are some entrees we had at our last meal there....
Rock Shrimp With Linguini

Braised Chicken with Waffle

Prawns with Grits

J'adore the bathroom d├ęcoupage wall decor.

For more restaurants I enjoy in Montauk check out some of my posts from last summer.

June 12, 2012

My Inspiration this Birthday...

I'm not dreading my impending age as much as before. Unfortunately, I don't have the exotic mix and gene pool of Chinese/Portuguese decent and I am not the first "supermodel" who was a muse to Avedon, but when I ran across this editorial with China Machado I was inspired. At 82, she is stunning, elegant and still so thin (smiley face goes here).

Surf Exhibit at Partners & Spade

I recently saw some of these images on instagram when a friend was at the opening. I would like to find the time check out the exhibit.

I think I need the poster on the right...