February 17, 2012

I was educated to see a photo-graph as an object rather than an image...

What an interesting interview with one of my fave fashion photogrphers, Paolo roversi 

Motwary: How do you always manage to photograph the most exquisite garments in the market, and how does couture help you create your images?

Roversi: I always say that the designer is the composer of the music, and the photographer plays the instrument—is the interpreter of the piece. I am the player and the designers are the composers, and it’s very important for me to have this music in front of me, playing it the way I like it, and within it, to create this certain kind of woman or man.

Motwary: What about social media—do you think the industry is shifting from the print to the web, from the time- less to the ephemeral?
Roversi: This is already happening anyway, so even if I say yes or no, it’s better or worse, it wouldn’t change anything. Anybody can see how things are moving right now. Of course I was educated to see a photo-graph as an object rather than an image, not just a Polaroid floating on some computer screen. One can smell and touch, worship and frame a photograph; put it on a wall, on a table, in your pocket. Things have become much more ephemeral these days. Things appear and disappear on the screen of an iPhone or a computer, and see you later! I really miss the family album and the pictures you put in a wallet. Now every- body has a screen. One of my favorite memories of my father was the picture of us, his children, in his wallet. I’m nostalgic.

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"I mean... love!"

In my opinion, part two is better than part one.

"I mean.... really?"

Have a seat!

I needed one after discovering that the 2 chairs that I just bought on ebay for about $200 were going for $1200 each on 1stdibs. So exciting! Next stop... custom cushions. Stay tuned.

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

When I was a kid, red was my favorite color and hearts were my favorite shape/design. So, Valentines Day was a holiday that celebrated two of my favorite visuals. Of course as I grew older, the significance of Feb 14th shifted more towards love and loving others. But, I must admit today I have come full circle and have embraced my long love my hearts.
Me and Mika in 1983 (OY). Check out my sweatshirt. Ahhh, I remember it well...
Airbrushed with hearts and bought in NYC! I had sweat pants to match. It was my have outfit!

February 9, 2012

DIY dog collars

The dog collars we bought in the Dominican Republic spurned a DYI dog collar kick for me. So far I have made 3. For a big dog, they are probably more fashionable than functional. I am sure I will have more to come especially in the summer.

I added some bolts to Pandas to give her more bling and edge. 

The Great Outdoors