March 26, 2011

Better late than never... Bali!

I was in Bali in the beginning of September for 2 weeks. It now feels like years ago. ;(
This was the Villa we stayed in with
Surf Haven Bali. 

VERY low tide

The cows in Padang-Padang have lovely sounding cow bells. They are very zen sounding.

Yes, that is a steel barrel on her head.

 Curry veggies were served in the coconut! Yum.
I would have taken more photos of food, but this was my first real meal after a 7 day bout with "Bali Belly" and unfortunately, my last meal before departing.  An american surfer living in Bali gave me some cipro which finally kicked the "virus" out of me.  I later learned that my doctor believes I had ecoli.

Bridge at Padang-Padang 
Everyone has a bike rack on their scooter!

How gorgeous is this?

I couldn't believe it....this guy has a baby on the front of his scooter!
An example of one of the type of boats that took us out for a boat drop at a surf break by the airport.

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