August 8, 2011

No Sun (AND Surf), Will Shop (AND Eat)

Yesterday, it rained in the early afternoon, so we hit Melet Mercantile, Montauk...
The store is very well curated, but nonetheless ridiculously expensive. For example, I saw a bag I have that my cousin bought for me in Tulum selling for $118... I am sure he spent no more than $30. Totally worth a go see and visually inspiring.

Oh my... I want one!

Why do these look like vintage mystery novels?  

Vintage Bikinis
One of these long boards can be yours for as little as $4K!

Now for the eating portion of our day...We hit South Edison which is truly becoming my favorite restaurant in Montauk. $1 oyster Happy Hour until 5pm and a tasty bloody mary. Their house bloody includes a Jonah's crab claw garnish.

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