September 8, 2011

A little bit of love AND hate Labor Day Weekend in Montauk

It was last official weekend of the summer. 
Two notable things happened:
LOVE: I found myself standing in line behind Kelly Slater for coffee. My heart was beating so fast that it nearly popped out of my body. We got our coffee and then left to eat breakfast. After Kelly was done with his coffee he walked by us while we were eating outside with his adopted chihuahua/pincher mixed puppy. It was like seeing a unicorn jump over a rainbow.
(and no, I did not bother him for a photo or an autograph)
This is the doggie. He posted a pic on this twitter.

I mean...

HATE: I was issued a ticket for surfing at Montauk Point State Park near the parking lot and I wasn't even carrying a surfboard. I am going to ask for the case to be dismissed.