May 17, 2012

more design inspiration

Just perusing the blogs I follow today and ran across these images that I found inspiring for the Montauk Kitchen.

Looks familiar doesn't it?
It looks very similar to our kitchen.
Cute 3 tiers of shelves on each side and hand carved scroll work.
A butcher block counter would make a great addition.  
I like the long runner under the counters. and the black wall. 
Again, I am digging the black wall... but this time with the chalkboard paint.
Too bad our walls have ridges in them.
(Because they were once naked wood panelling)
And for the Fireplace...
I like the cactus plants on the floor. Nice touch.
But, probably not practical with a working fireplace.
And for a bedroom...
I've seen this before, but was reminded of
this great idea for the use of my old poloroids.
I have a ton! 

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