July 12, 2012

Aloha (as in "goodbye")

I recently sold my Nature Shapes long board to a friend. It's departure from my quiver has felt bitter sweet. It sounds shallow, but I admit to being emotionally attached to material things. My car (Pearl) and pieces of jewelry including my Rolex are amongst these items. In my own defense, I am not attached to these possessions because of the value or status, but rather the nostalgic memories leading up to the purchase and/or what the purchase meant to me at that point in my life.

Here are the memories from the morning leading up to the purchase of this long board:
1) A broken heart
2) The dog puking in the car on the way to Rockaway
3) Getting a parking ticket
4) Stopping a police officer driving by and asking about the reason for the parking ticket
5) The cop recognizing my car from being parked on the street in Williamsburg
6) Being distracted
7) Getting on the Cross Bay Boulevard bridge and the board flying off the roof of my car and into the canal
8) Thanking god the board didn't hit anyone.

All of these incidents led me to craigslist later that morning where I found a 9'0 Nature shapes for sale. I contacted the seller who lived on St. Marks Place, immediately jumped in a cab, saw the board and paid cash to hold it until I returned in the evening to pick it up.

There you have it... That's the history between me and this board. It came into my life because of depression, drama and desperation. All feelings I would rather forget and even though it's been a bit difficult for me to part with this board, the time has come to say farewell and wish it well.

P.S. I suppose I never grew too attached to the board because I never gave it a name.

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