March 18, 2012

Long Island Pickers

Yesterday, I went to my first tag sales on Long Island in search for decor for the Montauk house. We only hit two of them. But, I was lucky at the first house where I found all of my purchases. Check them out!

Light Fixture. Love the green color! $5!
Bling lamp. $15 New lampshade to come.
Set of 3 Nesting Tables for $20. Will replace glass tops with selvage mirrored wire glass.
Tiny Travelling Vintage Washboard.
$5 (which I thought was a bit expensive, but it evened out for the overall cost)
The second tag sale in an old Jewish neighborhood, felt like I was shopping in a dead woman's closet (which was probably the case). This only came to me after I was snapped out of a picker frenzy in the middle of trying on vintage fur coats by a little old lady saying in a thick high pitched Lawng Island accent. "Oh muy gawd... that fur coat looks amaaazing in ya. Let me know if ya don't want it becawse I am going to take it."

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