June 20, 2012

South Edison

I can't say it enough times.... I love the food at South Edison in Montauk. For me, a trip to Montauk is not complete without a meal here. Whether it is for the amazing $1 oyster Happy Hour (call before you go to make sure it is not just a Saturday occurrence) or Dinner (Menu changes daily), I have yet to be disappointed.

$1 Oyster Happy Hour 

Marian (my mom) contemplates the menu with a one of their signature
bloody marys with the jonah's crab claw garnish.

Here are some entrees we had at our last meal there....
Rock Shrimp With Linguini

Braised Chicken with Waffle

Prawns with Grits

J'adore the bathroom découpage wall decor.

For more restaurants I enjoy in Montauk check out some of my posts from last summer.

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